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Artists I will study with this summer!

I will most likely post these artist’s images and information again and again as I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to meet, learn and work with these women!

Since my goal is to work large, evolve some of my maquettes into full blown large scale works, studying with Janis and Kari only seems natural!

Both Janis and Kari consider themselves flameworkers. Both approach glass (I feel) from a different yet similar way. But until actually meeting them- I won’t know for sure!

Janis, originally worked with ceramics, studied glass blowing and blew glass for years before turning to borosilicate and flameworking. From my current understanding Janis studied lampworking at Pilchuck.

Janis Miltenberger

Kari Russell-Pool melts and pulls her own glass rods from furnace glass. Kari considers herself a proponent of the cowboy way. The cowboy way invites invention.

Kari Russell-Pool

Another artist I feel lucky to have the opportunity of working with this summer is Loren Stump.

Several glass working friends couldn’t possibly recommend Loren enough- they LOVE his work, his teaching style, etc.
Plus, he works large. 🙂 Knows how to control heat/glass like nobody’s business.
After Penland I fly directly to Corning, NY for an intensive lesson with Loren!!

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