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Summer Schooling

Well, I’ve been super busy lately!

Great news that I would like to share-

I’ve been awarded two incredible scholarships from two incredible schools!

#1, The Penland School of Crafts
To study with Janis Miltenberger
Two weeks of study begin May 30 – June 11 2010

I am extremely excited to have this opportunity!! I’ve been wanting to meet
and learn from Janis for some time now… YAY!

#2, The Pilchuck School of Glass!!!
Session 5
Two weeks of study begin August 16- August 27 2010

I am completely blown away to have been awarded a Pilchuck scholarship.
These scholarships are highly competitive!
I have to thank the following individuals for their time, energy and support
with writing and sending out recommendation letters that I am fairly positive
had a major influence with this award.

Dawn Bennett
Executive director of Urban Glass Brooklyn
Dawn and I were introduced through a student show held at Urban Glass in 2008. Intrigued by the work I was exhibiting Dawn invited me to create a body of work to be featured during SOFA, NY 2009. This experience and opportunity will last forever.

Jesse Kohl
Jesse is currently earning his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University, New Jersey.
I met Jesse at the Corning Studio where he was co-teaching with Colorist, Suellen Fowler in 2009. He was/is an absoluteencyclopaedia of glass information both chemically and artistically and he enthusiastically shares his knowledge! Jesse has been flameworking since he was fourteen!
Past technical director of Northstar Glassworks (how cool is that?!). He has taught at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, The Pittsburgh Glass Center, and
The Erwin-Stein-Schule in Hadamar Germany.
Jesse’s work is simply beautiful.

Silvia Fortura
is an artist, Design teacher at Mary Ward Catholic High School, and friend.
Silvia and I first met when she wandered into my installation, Orbis Tertius at *new* gallery in 2004. Silvia told me that the work on display blew her away, and she had to take one of my metal courses and get to know me. 🙂
Several years later Silvia would co-teach Glass Fusing and Metal intensives out of my studio.
In 2007 Silvia (and myself) started offering, to a select group of her High School Design students the opportunity of flameworking at my studio. Twice a year ten students come to nanopod: Hybrid Studio and experience melting glass with a bench burner- they love it!
I wish there was a link I could add here that would take you to Silvia’s work, her past installations, etc., but no … 😦

I am sO excited I cannot wait!!

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