Toronto-Manhattan (Brooklyn) -Asheville-Manhattan-Corning-Manhattan-Toronto

I intend to keep a daily diary-journal of my (mis)adventures abroad this summer. 😉
I think the Penland-Corning weeks will be interesting..
I received a work-study scholarship from Penland and a full scholarship from Corning (Museum of Glass).

Penland- I am arriving earlier then other people (well, me and about twenty others) to work in the kitchen!!! 😮
I have to put in twenty hours a week plus my course, plus lab time. haHA! Okay, at first I freaked a bit when I read the work hours- they tell me, ‘.. you will have to balance your work time with your studio time…’ my thoughts were- I am going to STUDY not work a mop!! or cook, or do dishes!!
then, upon reflection I realized my experience of Penland will be from the inside out- outside in
which will be very different from the people who have paid to be there. I will have fun+. 🙂
The day my course ends I am expected to stay on an extra day until 5pm- cleaning. Then I have to find a way to Asheville, grab a plane to Manhattan and will have exactly 30 minutes to grab my next flight up to Corning – meet my roommate and get my arse to the orientation dinner!! 😮
My only concern at this point is making my flight to Corning… but so far the gods seem to be with me as my flight leaving Manhattan for Corning has been bumped to leave later. Phew! Let’s hope it stays this way!!

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