…practice makes perfect…

Yesterday I heard from Amy Schwartz, director of the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. I’ve been awarded a full scholarship to study at Corning (June 13-19) with Loren Stump. One crazy summer ahead of me! I better get to work now! So, I’m turning off my Cheetah and plugging in my Mirage! While I usually attempt… Continue reading …practice makes perfect…

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Artists I will study with this summer!

I will most likely post these artist’s images and information again and again as I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to meet, learn and work with these women! Since my goal is to work large, evolve some of my maquettes into full blown large scale works, studying with Janis and Kari only seems… Continue reading Artists I will study with this summer!

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Summer Schooling

Well, I’ve been super busy lately! Great news that I would like to share- I’ve been awarded two incredible scholarships from two incredible schools! #1, The Penland School of Crafts http://www.penland.org To study with Janis Miltenberger http://www.janismiltenberger.com/ Two weeks of study begin May 30 – June 11 2010 I am extremely excited to have this opportunity!!… Continue reading Summer Schooling