packing for Penland

Getting prepped for my trip to Penland I’ve been gathering up my fav tools, putting together a selection of boro colours and purchasing tooobing! Yep, my tubing is small. Since studying with Suellen Fowler I’ve been working with 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch medium wall tubing.  I messaged Janis Miltenberger several days back inquiring about tubing size, and rod size that we will be working with, etc., she told me that the smallest tubing she normally works with is 27mm… 27mm? Small? YIKES! 🙂

So, this afternoon I made a trip over to Nortel glass and purchased me some 30mm x 3mm  tubing, 13mm rod, a 40mm x 3mm amber tube, some beautiful Northstar glass ice blue, and star white.

I plan to pack up some of my 3/4 tubing, 15 and 20mm rods. Along with all of that I will be sending the following ahead:

  • Tweezers,
  • rake,
  • graphite shaper,
  • brass shaper,
  • graphite rod,
  • brass reamer,
  • pliers,
  • diamond shears,
  • hose,
  • multi stopper,
  • hemostats,
  • hot fingers,
  • x-acto tools,
  • eye wear (2 pairs didymium & boro),
  • lucky brass zippo

  • Then there’s the glass I will be shipping ahead. Most of the glass I already purchased last year so luckily I’m not having to spend a ton of cash here. Colours:

    Inspiration: I plan on photo copying from the following books rather than packing them into my check-in baggage. Hopefully lightening the load…

    For years now I’ve been working on creating Plankton forests. Glass and metal forms intertwined with various fibres that hang down. Visitors could pass through these forests- triggering sensors of sound and light, and projected image. My hope is to get closer to this realization through my study with Janis.

    2 thoughts on “packing for Penland

    1. hee hee hee. me too!

      this whole trip is starting to feel like ’93 and my course with Harold O’Connor.
      A complete and total transformation is about to take place. 🙂

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