Summer of Glass · Unclassified

And so it begins…

Afternoon in Brooklyn.The flight was uneventful,
landed in Newark, grabbed the NJ Transit to Penn Station. ‘A’ train to 6th avenue, hopped the F train and made it safely to Aaron and Clare’s.
After dumping my baggage, and lightening my load Aaron took me on a wander round the ‘hood, primarily to grab hardware for the air conditioning unit but also to grab me a coffee at Cookies (along with 4 very yummy cookies that I ate too fast to take pix of) then over to Park Organics to grab groceries for later (herb salad mix, apple chips, sprouted beans, almond milk, flax oil, etc) and back. However, on our trip back to Warren street Aaron had to tempt me with Stinky Brooklyn!

Sooo, I bought some cheese (Point Reyes Blue), a Mast Brothers Chocolate bar
(I intend to visit the Mast Bros personally), and Siggi’s Icelandic style Skyr!

I now sit comfortably upon Clare’s couch, drinking water, eating apple chips while watching Aaron install the air conditioning unit.

Maybe I’ll help him lift the dang thing into the window.
Alice might help as well 🙂

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