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The plankton – kelp forest begins. Working with borosilicate the radiolaria that inhabit the forest will slowly evolve and form over the next week. I’ve been playing Spore Origins lately (iPhone) and have actually gathered a lot of inspiration for this forest there. Mainly from the Primordial ooze, volcanic crevice, and sandy shore levels. My… Continue reading Radiolaria

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July’s Talk about blog, “Who are the artists you’d love to collaborate with? on making what?” There are several that come to mind. Various mediums, various meanings. #1 Werner Herzog Simply because he is brilliant. I would love the opportunity to meet him and get to know him. I would run away with Werner… if… Continue reading Collaboration

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Penland: The school of crafts!

I really should spell craft, Kraft. The K is used in the German spelling and means power. Kraft = Power. And indeed it does at Penland. I had fully intended to share my experience as a day by day blog but was fully and completely taken over by the Penland experience as a work-study scholarship… Continue reading Penland: The school of crafts!