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Penland: The school of crafts!

I really should spell craft, Kraft. The K is used in the German spelling and means power. Kraft = Power.
And indeed it does at Penland.
I had fully intended to share my experience as a day by day blog but was fully and completely taken over by the Penland experience as a work-study scholarship recipient. That and I could only get online if I sat in one particular spot near the cafe adjacent to the Pines dining hall… 😉

Penland. I’m even now getting all choked up thinking back to it, what seems like such a long time ago now… maybe even a dream. Did it really happen? I have photos to prove that I was there! I have these wonderful memories, and wonderful new friends.
Okay, so here it is I am now going to conjure up the experience as best I can on these digital pages.

Friday, May 28th: I arrived at the Asheville airport fairly late, 11:50pm to be exact. My flight in from Atlanta went smoothly, my flight to Atlanta was entertaining though. Along the way we hit a couple of bumpy clouds which made half of the passengers scream. Literally scream. Too many episodes of Lost, too many thoughts of ‘Terrorists’ I suspect. When we landed in Atlanta the primary flight attendant held the mic and loudly said, “…pheeeeeeeeew!” Our landing seemed to come as a surprise to him. Anyways, back in Asheville I quickly gather up my one checked bag and head outside in search of the limo company that would take me up the mountain. There were two of us traveling up to Penland late night, myself and Naomi who would turn out to be one of my dorm mates 🙂
Naomi is from California, Arcata to be exact. She was taking the wood course with Yuri Kobayashi – Joinery, Joinery, & Joinery. We arrived at Penland around 1:30am May 29th. In the Lily Loom house we located our assigned dorm and headed over to Dorm 54…
Dorm 54 is a relatively new dorm from my understanding. Two levels, four bedrooms, two huge washroom areas. We were in the downstairs part, #3. The sleeping area are separated by shared washrooms that have two shower/tubs, and two water closets. Naomi and I went into the washroom to check it out and found the sink area covered in twelve pack cases of beer. 😉 It didn’t occur to me yet where all this beer came from. I thought Penland stored beer in our washroom! LOL! …it was late, what can I say?
I picked my bed, rolled out my sleeping bag, and tried to fall asleep. Sleeping didn’t come easy I was too excited, my morning would start early with breakfast then I would be put to work… doing who know’s what?

May 29th: My first day at Penland. I awoke early, well early for me. 6:00am without alarm. Showered, dressed and went outside to check this new place out. There was a little swallow that would sit in a tree outside of my window. Every morning I saw the Swallow swinging on the branch. The air was filled with forest sounds. Birds, bugs, trees and vines creaking and growing. No sirens, no buses driving by, no cars blaring loud music, no people yelling or speaking loudly, no cigarette or garbage smells coming through the window, just peace.

To my left there was the Arbor and to my left the Radcliffe.

The Arbor path…

The Radcliffe:

Across the bridge from Dorm 54 straight ahead was the Lily Loom house. I walked the path past the Lily Loom, upper Metals, and upper Ceramics for the first few days.

Outside of the Lily Loom and upper Metals was this crazy wall mosaic.

Just past this wall was upper Ceramics….

As I walked down the stairs past Ceramics I could see the Pines Dining Hall just ahead… this beautiful view, I found myself getting quite emotional.

…to be continued.

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