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July’s Talk about blog, “Who are the artists you’d love to collaborate with? on making what?”

There are several that come to mind. Various mediums, various meanings.

#1 Werner Herzog
Simply because he is brilliant. I would love the opportunity to meet him and get to know him.
I would run away with Werner… if I were single and older, or better if he was younger and interested.
We would live in the Amazon, or in Africa, or Berlin….

#2 Jean Paul Gaultier & Issey Myake.
We would create mad Jewelry and accessories. Hyper future relics extraordinaire.

#3 David Cronenberg
…needs me to create pieces [jewelry/sculpture] for a film.

#4 Brian Eno
Really the same applies here as with Herzog.
I met Brian Eno once at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo… sadly, it was only my hair that made an impression..

#5 Peter Greenaway
…needs me to create pieces [jewelry/sculpture] for a film.

It would be interesting to actually work with all of these artists at the same time. They would all be amazing to work with, learn from. I believe collaborating with any of them would be highly transformational.

There are other artists I would love to have the opportunity to work with but I wanted to keep this short and sweet. 🙂
Hmmm… I wonder who other members of the Handmade Division want to collaborate with?

Andes Cruz –
Lisa Hopkins Design –
ceeb wassermann aka howlindoggie:
Rickson Jewellery –
Purified –
Susan Moloney –

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