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Talk about …. August 15 2010

This August 15th the Handmade Division is Talking about something you’d like to create, that you maybe don’t have the skills or technology to do currently? ” There was a Star Trek episode where artists could take ideas, imagery, concepts from their minds, visualize them and sculpt sculpt them using this magic stick like tool… Continue reading Talk about …. August 15 2010

Summer of Glass


…early evening I fly out to Seattle. Monday, August 16th is when I check-in and meet with my class. I’m nervous excited! Meanwhile, I will be staying with a friend, Jennifer Umphress. Hopefully we’re gonna melt some glass together while I’m visiting. 🙂 And, check out downtown Seattle! Woo. Jen lives somewhere near the Puget… Continue reading Seattle


search terms: cousteau + jellyfish + apocalypse

…still gathering up images, words, colour and textures for my time at the Pilchuck Glass School. Andrei suggested I conduct random image searches by stringing together seemingly unrelated words. So I started out with Cousteau + jellyfish + apocalypse. Giant jellyfish images came up in the results: Along with this image… I cannot figure out… Continue reading search terms: cousteau + jellyfish + apocalypse

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for your creativity?

Wishcasting? I like that idea. Ever since I saw Jiminy cricket sing, “when you wish upon a star…” I’ve been wishing. The usual wish is for my loved ones, friends, family – to have all of their hopes and dreams come true. To make my studio rent happen every month. To be more disciplined. I… Continue reading Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for your creativity?

Inspiration/Musings · Summer of Glass


i’ve been thinking more about eyes lately, and awareness. yesterday i learned about Oyster vision… The Oyster above is a Thorny Oyster (more videos can be found at CoralMorphologic). The rim of its mantle is lined with dozens of eyes that stare out into the sea. The little blue eyes… these are apparently simple eyes,… Continue reading eyes

Inspiration/Musings · Summer of Glass


For the past several months I have been collecting imagery for my course at the Pilchuck Glass School. The instructor, Kari Russell-Pool suggested we start keeping a ‘clip art’ file. Everything that intrigues us creating a record of the way we see the world. Then I came upon Morphologic. ‘The Lynx Nudibranch’ Phidiana lynceus (Lynx… Continue reading morphologic