Inspiration/Musings · Summer of Glass


For the past several months I have been collecting imagery for my course at the Pilchuck Glass School.
The instructor, Kari Russell-Pool suggested we start keeping a ‘clip art’ file. Everything that intrigues us creating a record of the way we see the world.
Then I came upon Morphologic.

‘The Lynx Nudibranch’
Phidiana lynceus (Lynx Nudibranch) on Spondylus americanus oyster
Music, Video, and Aquarium
2010 Morphologic Studios
This short video depicts one example of just how tightly woven the ecosystem of the coral reef really is. Even in just a few square centimeters of space, on the hinged back of an oyster, there exists an entire community of life that is inextricably linked together in a complex (yet practical) balance…

Obviously I love their videos- but I also feel connected to their music which is very reminiscent of Brian Eno‘s ambient land masses, and Andrei Gravelle‘s soundscapes. I’ve been trying to find a collection of Morphologic’s music, I would really like to buy a copy(ies) for my iPod.

Corynactis viridis
I love the colours…
something I’ve recently been researching is the Discosoma sanctithomae.

Here CoralMorphologic has captured a DiscoSoma shown with a ‘lettuce’ nudibranch.

Make sure to check out all of their videos. 🙂

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