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Talk about …. August 15 2010

This August 15th the Handmade Division is Talking about something you’d like to create, that you maybe don’t have the skills or technology to do currently? ”

There was a Star Trek episode where artists could take ideas, imagery, concepts from their minds, visualize them and sculpt sculpt them using this magic stick like tool out of what seemed to be ‘thin air’. I want that tool! Given the opportunity to take the stream of ideas from my mind and have them appear as 3 dimensional sketches within seconds would be amazing!
I wish I could remember this particular episodes name to share here, I’ll keep searching and post it the moment I find it.
Meanwhile, I will imagine a mental-holographic-projection tool being made at MIT’s New Media lab with a release date of this Fall. 🙂
So, while we wait for this super handy new ‘psychic-paint-brush’ check out my colleagues and what they want to play with but either currently lack the skillz, or technology…
Ciao for now!

Lisa Hopkins Design:
Jewelry by Natsuko:
Beth Cyr:
ArtJewel Designs:
Abhaya Fibers:
Purified Art:
Nova of Sweden
Bella-Bijou Jewellery:
Pink Crow Studio:
Sand Fibers:
Alice Istanbul:
Thomasin Durgin:
Moxie & Oliver:
Andes Cruz:

3 thoughts on “Talk about …. August 15 2010

  1. yup, yup. so right there with ya. I think I was describing those things in part of my post about the “things from the future” though I have never seen that episode…. 🙂 Sign me up for one as well 🙂

  2. Last year I attended and amazing exhibit at MOMA called “Design and the Elastic Mind”, all about technology – the exhibition catalog is great. There was an exhibit by artists that would “sketch” in the air, their movements were captured and then their designs were 3d printed – and the work is 5 years old!

    You can see some of the work here:

    NYC - MoMA: Design and the Elastic Mind - Sketch Furniture

    and here’s a video from MOMA, I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I don’t think it actually shows the process:

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