coffee for life!

Okay, I need help making a ‘life’ decision here so I’m asking all of you to help me decide!!!

Here’s the scoop.
I drink coffee. A lot of coffee.
In Toronto my absolute favourite place to get my fancy coffee drinks is Sam James Coffee Bar.
Especially when Sam is pulling the drinks himself, they are to be savoured for sure!

Sam’s is also one of the only place I can go in this city and get my coffee made with lactose free milk.
Not soy milk, not rice milk….
So, I’ve switched from lattes to cappuccinos – less milk, more coffee!


My sweetie and I travel to Montreal frequently. Montreal is the home of Toi Moi et Cafe where Sam gets his coffee!
TMC are torréfacteurs of greatness. Since they are close to my sister-in-laws flat by the Atwater Market I made it a point to stop by and grab one of their cappuccinos.

Now I am drinking Sam’s ‘Cortados’. A Cortado falls between a Cappuccino and a Macchiato. Soooo good.

Obviously I spend a lot of money weekly on my fix.
Let’s see, $2.75 or $2.50 per drink x 2 a day..
$120 a month sometimes more.
Sam offers his ever loyal customers a deal- free coffee for life.
Yep, you read that correctly- FREE for LIFE! Or as long as he stays open and as long as you live in Toronto.
How does this work? Well here’s the trick of it- you need to get yourself marked for life. Yes sir a tattoo!

The rules are: Tattoo must be full initials of coffee bar, must be visibly placed. Easy.
Granted, this tattoo would quickly pay itself off in free coffee.. But, should I get the mark?

Please help me decide. I realize that I am the one ultimately carrying the mark 🙂 forever… but I do love coffee!
Please leave your thoughts below

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