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metal + glass

Out of my private studio in Toronto, Ontario I hold 8 week courses in ‘metal + glass’.

These courses cover a wide range of techniques/process used in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, and Flameworking.
I generally cover a different process every evening of the course. From fabrication through piercing and sawing copper sheet, Sterling silver ring band sizing, annealing, forming, and soldering, to wax carving, sand or cuttlefish casting, basic enamelling with powdered glass, setting stones; tube and bezel. To flameworking with Italian glass from Murano, and glass from Lauscha Germany. With Flameworking I start by discussing a bit of glass history starting with Phoenician glass beads, ancient Chinese glass beads from the 4th to 3rd century BCE and move to the 60’s and Gianni Toso, and other glass artists.
Students get to try everything and make any where from five to over a dozen pieces.

Last night, Wednesday November 3rd started up a new 8 week course. Actually, this will be the last 8 week course for 2010. New January dates for these courses have been listed on my website and one has already filled. So, if you are seriously considering registering for one of my courses I suggest you do so fast!
That said, I am offering a 5 week & 1 evening gift making course. Similar to the eight week only condensed due to the holidays. The same topics will be covered, maybe even more! 😉
Other workshops offered are Wedding Band workshops. These are fairly popular and lots of fun!

If you are interested in making your very own OOAK wedding rings contact me for further info. You can make rings out of Sterling (shown in the image), or gold (yellow, rose/pink, green, white). Couples taking my workshop are looking for their own unique style. Not necessarily traditional, which you could simply purchase downtown and is anything but OOAK, unique or your own. From contemporary, minimal, organic, to industrial it’s been made in one of my workshops.
Couples Wedding Band workshops run $200 for 2 sessions (6hrs total) plus cost of metal.
1 session (3hrs): simple Sterling stamped or hammered bands run $100 and include materials for 2 rings.
LGBT, Hetro, & Human friendly.

I also offer workshops and courses for people under 18. Many workshops have been held at my studio for Mary Ward Catholic School’s Design students. They’ve come in to fuse glass, and flamework. The YMC has a project for adult learning that I’ve held ring band workshops for.
Today at 4pm starts, The After School Project. Six 9 year olds will be coming into nanopod: Hybrid Studio for 4 weeks and learning how to fabricate simple copper pendants, add textures with hammers, use stamping tools, make jump rings, chain, work with resin, PMC silver, and fuse glass. I can’t wait! They’re gonna have a blast. Check back tomorrow for updates and pix.

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