The After School Project- Afternoon #1

Today, this afternoon, started the After School Project at nanopod: Hybrid Studio.
Six nine year olds descended upon the studio anxious to find out what they would create!

Audie (pronounced Aw-dee), Indie, Kimia, Mea, Willa and Alice each received square, 24 gauge pieces of copper and were shown how to use various hammers to texture the metal with, and how to use the letter, number and design stamps.

The squares of copper were their test pieces where they could practice using the hammers and stamps.
They hammered away with much enthusiasm! Once they got the hang of how the tools worked they were then to come up with simple texture and stamping designs for 1 inch copper disks.
These disks would later be drilled (by me), then the girls would be shown how to make jump rings and turn their stamped disks into pendants.

Most of them stamped their names, or a friends name onto the disks along with flowers, leafs, and sun patterns.

Before we knew it their time was up and parents were starting to arrive! So I wasn’t able to take pictures of their finished pieces however, they all promised to wear their shiny new necklaces to next week’s workshop for pictures. 🙂

Next week they will be working with Glass Clay, and Bullseye glass. Painting on the glass, adding stringer, and frit creating pendants and tiles to be fused!

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