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November Talk-About

Handmade Division Talk ABout!

This month’s question is:
Talk about one/some teachers/mentors/masters you’d like to study with?

Who, do I really want to study with? Hmmmm. Kind of a tricky question for me as I’ve studied with most of them already!
Metal-gods: Harold O’Connor (Master Goldsmith), and Phil Poirier.
Glass Warriors: Janis Miltenberger (Glass Goddess), Loren Stump (Murrini Master)

OK. So there are more people I need to study with in the glass category. Here’s the list of who, and why.

Alicia Lomné and
Kimiake Higuchi: Pate de verre
I’ve studied some Pate de verre with glass artist Anna Boothe. Pate de verre is the process of casting fine glass powders by sifting, painting or wet packing the glass powders into a mould, sometimes using an adhesive. Here’s an excerpt from the Corning Museum of Glass’, Master Class in Glass DVD series, Pate de verre with Shin-Inchi and Kimiake Higuchi.

The Higuchis teach regularly at Corning so there’s a chance I may get into a course in 2011.
Alicia is a bit trickier to track down.
On the other hand I could {should} just lock myself into my studio with hydrogel, casting investment, clay, wax, and get experimenting!!
Meanwhile, Anna Boothe is teaching a three week course next Spring/Summer at Pilchuck and I am going to apply.

Rather than just naming names of people respected in their chosen mediums I’ll list schools that I want to attend. There are some artist residencies I plan to aim for in the next several years. The opportunity to leave my current situation and completely submerge myself in experimentation and creation of an entirely new body of work is highly sought after.
Schools, factories, retreats include:

Pilchuck, I seriously hope to work there as an artist in residence at some point.
Wheaton Arts, 6 week and 3 month residencies.
John Michael Kohler Arts Center,2 to 6 month. Artists-in-residence may work in the Kohler Co. Pottery, Iron and Brass Foundries, and Enamel Shop to develop a wide variety of work in clay, enameled cast iron, and brass including but not limited to murals and reliefs, temporary or permanent site-specific installations, and functional and sculptural forms.
While I was at Pilchuck I met artist Justin Parisi-Smith. Justin is the Director of Spiro Arts in Park City Utah. We talked, to some degree about the artist residency Spiro Arts offers, the beauty of Park City, etc. While Spiro Arts may not be equipped for metal or glass fabrication the facilities look great, and the time to contemplate and reflect on my past stop-motion videos, installation work, maybe even revisit video as a medium, is awfully appealing. 🙂

Other residencies considered:
Seto, Ceramic and glass art exchange in Nagoya, Japan.
Laugarvatn residency for creative people- Iceland!

Perla, in Barcelona. This is primarily an inexpensive place to stay (500euro/mo) when staying over a month or more. Once the landing pad is locked down then you explore, research, create.

Wow! I better start filling out those applications! While I’m busily filling in the blanks please check out what other Handmade Division members have to say about the ‘Masters’ they would like to study with, etc.
Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

Andes Cruz:
Nancy Dale:
Rickson Jewellery:
Beth Cyr:
Lisa Hopkins Design:
Sand Fibers:
Emily Watson
Thomasin Durgin:
WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear
Pink Crow Studio:

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