gluten free christmakwanzakah dinner!

This year we didn’t travel to Montreal and celebrate Christmas eve with the in-laws. We decided to invite a bunch of friends over and cook up some Moroccan, and Persian savoury dishes alla the 3 kings. 🙂 I decided everything had to be gluten free! Appetizers: Dried black olives Local (Ontario) sheep’s milk Feta Quinoa… Continue reading gluten free christmakwanzakah dinner!

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Stone crazy!

Today is Boxing Day through out the UK and Canada… Me? I’m sick as hell in bed. Shopping. 🙂 Last weekend I participated in Toronto’s, City of Craft. It was a tonne of fun! I set up two small card tables, Curiosity Cabinet-style. Met some really great new people, and past customers came by to… Continue reading Stone crazy!

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December Talk About: Where do you aspire to be in 5 years?

The plan is to construct a school that teaches workshops and courses in metalsmithing, flameworking, kiln casting, welding, and (on a small scale) glass blowing. On site lodging will be included (or optional), along with lovingly prepared organic, vegan, celiac, vegetarian friendly meals. Green roofs! Locally grown produce! Here’s the deal: In the next two… Continue reading December Talk About: Where do you aspire to be in 5 years?