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December Talk About: Where do you aspire to be in 5 years?

The plan is to construct a school that teaches workshops and courses in metalsmithing, flameworking, kiln casting, welding, and (on a small scale) glass blowing. On site lodging will be included (or optional), along with lovingly prepared organic, vegan, celiac, vegetarian friendly meals. Green roofs! Locally grown produce!

Here’s the deal:
In the next two years I will acquire land. This land will be some where near the coast, a majestic mountain range within view. Ideally the land needs to happen along the west coast of North America… maybe the Northwest Coast?
I also love the desert, so this is also a possibility. Arizona? Nevada? Southern California? That said, my partner and I have been checking out British Columbia.
We hope to create a destination. Not just our school but the land around us.. maybe there is a city near-by? Or fantastic hiking, beaches, kayaking, etc., etc.

Several shelters will exist on this land as well as my domain.
I imagine at least two Moon Cocoons (Eco Domes), or maybe one with several smaller ’emergency’ shelter versions, a Yurt and a studio (or studios) large enough to accommodate a full metalsmith, welding, flameworking, kiln casting, and glass blowing shop/school.

The Eco Domes will be the artist/student residence while something similar to a Modern-Shed will serve as the studio space(s).
Living in New Mexico for over a decade helped me gather a number of eco-friendly building skills: straw bale, Cob, mud plastering, composting toilets, cistern water collection, Earthship construction, etc. All of these skills and more will be put to use building what is sure to be an amazing site, school, creative sanctuary.

Keep your fingers crosses, your eyes peeled, and your hearts open!

…meanwhile, let’s see where the other members aspire to be in five.

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