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Handmade Division’s January, Talk About

This months topic: “In another life, I was “….” and I made “….” for a living”.

In another life I lived in Dallas, Texas. I was married to a multi-millionaire Philosopher’s son. We opened franchises around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Hung out in the French Quarter, ate alligator, oysters on the half shell (not all at once), and partied a lot.
In San Francisco we owned a yacht and would laze around the Bay for hours, or go out in our speed boat. We lived in North Beach, and Belvedere Lagoon.
Local dentists and doctors would commission paintings and jewelry from me.
In another life, I lived high up in the Sangre De Cristos, 9000 feet above sea level.

Working long hours into the night, rolling out metal, forming it into what I considered, Talisman.
My home and studio was in a 200 year old adobe that I had re-mud plastered inside and out. I would haul water from the well up on a hill behind my home, the cool acequia running near by. Chopping wood in the morning, and afternoon making sure I had enough to keep the kiva fireplace, and my wood burning cook stove going throughout the night, I would boil water to take sponge baths. There wasn’t any plumbing.
My view was 360 degree gorgeousness! Picuris Pueblo to my right down the road, the sprawling Vadito valley below me and off to my left overlooking everything was the majestic, Jicarita where a giant was said to live.

In the spring time and summer months I would go on long hikes up the Jicarita which stands 12,808 feet (3,903.88 m) above sea level!. Picking wild chanterelle, and lavender, I would often run through iris filled meadows. The earth was red where the vibrant iris grew.
There were months where the only thing I ate was the wild spinach and burdock that grew in the fields and hills around my house.
In the early Fall the smell of roasting green chilli peppers filled the Vadito valley air, along with live Ranchero music from harvest and birthday fiestas. Occasionally you might see a bear gazing out from the forests, or a mountain lion might stroll through my yard.
One summer I visited the Cheyenne River Sioux for a Sundance. The Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe was brought out by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, we all closed our eyes.
I was invited to Tellus Good Morning‘s 96th birthday party Peyote meeting.
I often went to Sweat Lodge ceremonies, and gatherings at Taos Pueblo.

I didn’t own a television, or a cell phone, no computer and my rent was $75 per month.

In another life, I owned a gallery that sold musical instruments to aid in Shamanic Journeys.
In another life, I lived on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, in a beautiful house with a great studio.
In another life, I raised chickens and a duck, had a peach orchard and small organic farm where fireflies visited in the warm summer evenings. I was a chef at a local cafe where we cooked with the herbs, vegetables, and eggs grown on this small farm. The near-by winery owners were some of our patrons. People would drive over 60 miles to come and eat my food.
In another life, I made and sold smudge sticks, and jewelry to pay my rent.
In another life, I was the publisher, editor in chief, and art director of a small art magazine. There were three staff, we produced 3 issues. I considered it an experiment.

In another life, I travelled to far off constellations, visited Hydro Thermal vents, shrunk down to the size of a nano-particle and collected specimen to bring back to this universe and share.

In another life, I was an artist.

What were some of the other Handmade Division members?

Andes Cruz Designs

Jewelry by Natsuko :

Rickson Jewellery:

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