Pilchuck artist (Pair) residency

Earlier this summer I was invited to participate in a PAIR at Pilchuck glass school. Super excited I made plans to visit with friends in Seattle, scheduled my flight and shortened workshops that take place out of my studio.
Unfortunately the PAIR was cancelled due to low attendance but I had already booked my flight….?!…. Yeah, I was super bummed but instead of remaining so I still had the flight to Seattle (which I love) and friends (I love) and thought, “…I’m gonna turn this negative into a super positive!” which is exactly what I did! 🙂

I flew in Wednesday, August 24th and was met by my super lovely cosmic sister Patricia Davidson. Pat and I went and ate yummy Thai food at Kwon Thai like, first thing 🙂 the rest of Wednesday was awesome. Hanging out in Pat’s beautiful garden in the beautiful weather, grilled baby bok choy, huge salad with beets, tomatoes and nasturtiums from her garden, a loverly BV and amazing company.

Day 2
Mig welding with Carla Grahn.
Ok, Carla rocks! She is a fantastic teacher, super duper friendly, open and has dozens of tips and tricks up her sleeve. She shared many views of approaching a project with me. Tons of resources, just a wealth of information. Wow.
My time with Carla is private so I’m learning a ton of stuff!

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