City of Craft installation: installation

Experimentation is happening over at nanopod: Hybrid Studio.
For the past several weeks, and several weeks to come I am busily creating for the City of Craft.
December 10 & 11. Not only will I have a 4′ table, I am also putting together an installation.

Normally I wait until the last minute, stress out and feel like buying a flight out of Toronto before the event… This has nothing to do with me not wanting to be prepared, or not wanting to be in the event! It’s just a bizarre phenomena that takes over my whole being. I’ve been fighting it for years!!
Thankfully, Free Will astrology came to my rescue this year:

“Progress isn’t made by early risers,” wrote author Robert Heinlein. “It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” That’s exactly the kind of progress you are in an excellent position to stir up in the coming weeks. You don’t have to match the stress levels of the Type A people who might seem to have an advantage over you, and you won’t help yourself at all by worrying or trying too hard. The single best thing you can do to supercharge your creativity is to think of yourself as a “happy-go-lucky” person while you go around dreaming up ways to have more fun.

Phew! Thanks Universe.

OK. Really, I am working everyday on some part of something….

Building up spores, fungal growths, fruiting bodies, mirroring glass, plating objects..

20111116-164919.jpgthis image shows the fruiting stalks of a black mold. (SEM x1,890). This kind of fungus can cause infections in humans. Materials: borosilicate glass.

Going into the kiln later this evening is the following:

20111116-165301.jpg I’m hoping that the powdered glass will pull away in the thinner areas creating a textured sponge-like effect and the thicker glass pieces layered across the powder will appear branch-like. If successful the glass will then be draped over a stainless steel form, in this instance a wok I picked up in Chinatown for cheap!

20111116-165746.jpginstead of kiln priming the wok then coating it with kiln shelf primer I’m giving Boron Nitride spray a go! Seemingly less of a mess and should yield a smoother finish on the glass (no brush strokes).


This the time of year when my studio becomes super full of students and artists during Open Studio making holiday gifts and preparing/finishing work for holiday shows! It also means my studio looks like a bomb went off in it! A giant tsunami of creative energy has struck down!

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