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City of Craft: installation pt. 3

Today started off slow. I left my bike at the studio last night, it’s around 7c out which meant having to succumb to the TTC. Ugh. I knew I should’ve ridden my bike home last night but after a savory dinner at Khao San Road I accepted my friend’s offer of a ride home.
Once I arrived at my studio (actually before 11am today!!) and a lovely Sam James cappuccino in my hand I was armed and ready! Particulate mask on I started to enamel various copper forms that may eventually turn into mushroom ring(s).

Then I remembered I had to pick up kiln shelf paper (!!!) and drop off waxes to be cast so, I booked a Zipcar and headed out.

Lol, back from city driving hell… I spent several hours cleaning/scraping off the back of the glass piece with kiln shelf primer stuck all over it. It just needs fusing again then I’ll drape it over the wok meanwhile however, I couldn’t help myself and purchased a couple other colours to make more spongy glass! I think I’ll fuse some transparent turquoise tonight, red tomorrow and hopefully Monday the opaline glass I ordered will arrive and then I’ll make some frit balls. 🙂

This time I’m going to spread the powder out on kiln shelf ‘paper’ and hope it doesn’t stick to the glass like the primer did. A mentor and friend (Janis Miltenberger) suggested I try using Whiting for these experiments. Later when everything is fusing away I’ll conduct a search for a local Whiting source.

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