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looking for the joke with a microscope…

Yay!! Happy holidays everyone!

Just. Managed. To get the last of the orders out!! Good thing too as I fly out tomorrow for Montreal!

We’re only there for a couple of days but it will still be nice to get out of Toronto. Plus, we finally captured a reservation at Au Pied de Cochon… which is funny actually considering I’m not eating meat these days. We shall see what transpires… there’s a beet salad, and plenty of poutine on the menu.

Meanwhile, the house is trashed! The studio looks as if a bomb went off!! Ugh.. I’ll clean when I return and prepare orders to ship out for Boxing Day, last minute late gifts AND Valentines! 🙂

I landed a prezzie early 🙂 Too large to fly with us to Montreal so Andrei gave it to me early 🙂 Brought back some fond childhood memories. 

Too cool. Here are some images taken from a couple slides I’ve been observing. Oh! Andrei also gave me a digital microscope attachment!

I gave Andrei an early gift too. A gift certificate towards a tattoo at SpeakEasy with Lizzie!!  HA! That’s one way to kick someone’s butt into getting something finally started! 😉

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