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All we can do.

 At some point during Dr Wade Davis‘ talk I started crying uncontrollably- not from a sense of helplessness, or hopelessness but from an overwhelming feeling of complete disregard from people. People do not care about each other or themselves enough to care about the (OUR) environment. He makes a good point in the beginning concerning science and how it is viewed when (like anything really) people hear what they want to hear- yet ignore, disbelieve, even completely abnegate overwhelming evidence when it is seemingly not profitable, or simply ‘out of sight/out of mind’.
When we post all day on Facebook or Twitter, share our ‘Pinterests’, etc., what if all of us (practising this Social media experience) put that much time and energy into actually doing something for OUR planet? We are all creating ‘content’ but does this content matter towards the future? Will your handmade card, ceramic bowl, pendant, ring, dress, quilt or charm make any difference globally in another twenty, fifty, hundred or three hundred years?
Will it even be around still or long since broken down garbage?
Does your art or craft make a difference towards anything really, except maybe bringing you a couple dollars, or perhaps an ego lift through momentary notoriety.
Ok, you say this is your living or how you aspire to make a living.
When you eat, or feed your child are you making choices based upon how you grew up? Or, more educated decisions that are sustainable, Earth and animal friendly? Probably not. We all have and share too many excuses to do that. Most people are too damn lazy to even walk or ride a bike several blocks to get to work, shop or meet with friends. They can live in a city with extensive public transit yet choose to drive their fat selves from point A to point B- what does that teach your child? Have you ever considered that? Probably not.
I suppose all I can do, myself, is to remain conscious in my actions and words. Think about what I am making and where it is going- where my supplies really came from. Choose not to drive a car, choose to purchase produce and groceries as local as possible, organic 90% or more of the time, make my studio as green as I possibly can.
Though I use propane, oxygen, and electricity. And, in reality I have no clue where these resources come from…(note to self).
I teach, Metal + Glass courses and workshops. Attempting to inform others of their green, ‘alternative’ choices when working with these materials and building their own studios.
OK then, where is my metal coming from? Where is my glass made and are these companies operating in an environmentally friendly way? (I know where my metal- Sterling comes from, not the copper I use).
There are suppliers that offer recycling programs towards new materials or recycled materials.
In the next weeks I will make it a point to contact all of my suppliers concerning their ‘safe’ & green (or lack there of) practices and post about it here.
If anyone reading this has links, and/or names of suppliers (metal & glass related) they know of that are practising recycling materials towards trade, or how/if they operate in a sustainable fashion, please add them in a comment below. It helps make a difference.
While my suggestions may not directly impact stopping the Tar Sands, pipelines, Open Pit mining, Saving the Sacred Head Waters, Tibet, climate change, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich or Paul from becoming the next US president, they help me be more aware and better enabled when it comes to creating consciously. And, I suppose, ultimately that’s all that I can do…
So I ask you to take a moment from posting about your mornings, afternoons, what you’re going to eat & drink later, crafty experiences, rants or raves. Put down your glue guns, torches, squeegees, attitude, and give a damn.

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