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nascent seed

Germinating. I wanted to share the following information on the Millennium Seed Bank Project. All human life — all life — depends on plants. Seeds hold the plant’s genetic information, so the biodiversity of our planet, as well as the sustenance of our species and others’, depends entirely on the seeds that survive from generation… Continue reading nascent seed

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Neon Jelly Synapse

In order to create the immersive-interactive Neuron  installation I need to study with Harold Eberhart or Ed Kirshner. I’ve been trying (for years!!) to register at the Crucible, or the Glass Furnace in Turkey to learn Plasma sculptural techniques but need classes in Neon first. Unfortunately neon workshops aren’t offered in Toronto… Meanwhile, my concept is to… Continue reading Neon Jelly Synapse

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new work : in progress : research

Every morning I’ve been waking up super excited, super inspired concerning my upcoming travels abroad. I’ve been reading Richard Dawkins’, Greatest Show on Earth, revisiting Darwin’s, Origins and digging into information concerning Protists, Atavisms, Chimera (genetic & mythological), stromatolites, thermal vents, fossils… Concepts towards a new body of work & residency. Abiogenesis… ok, so there’s… Continue reading new work : in progress : research