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new work : in progress : research

Every morning I’ve been waking up super excited, super inspired concerning my upcoming travels abroad. I’ve been reading Richard Dawkins’, Greatest Show on Earth, revisiting Darwin’s, Origins and digging into information concerning Protists, Atavisms, Chimera (genetic & mythological), stromatolites, thermal vents, fossils…
Concepts towards a new body of work & residency. Abiogenesis…
ok, so there’s fossils dating back to early Human/ape/Neanderthal is there anything earlier? What left the oceans? Do fossils exist of these organisms? Stromatolites, thermal vents. I want to know what turned into the four legged tree dwellers? Did a random organism (mtDNA?) wander out of the ocean, splitting and mutating into various flora and fauna?

While in Iceland I will be visiting many sites, volcanic, thermal, beaches, lichen, etc., looking for clues and inspiration.

In Amsterdam they have an amazing Science Centre I plan to visit and explore.

Meanwhile, I’m revisiting past work that will serve as a starting point.



I suspect my discoveries will employ metal and glass as their sculptural vernacular.
Multiples, singularities, recordings real and imagined.


…to be continued.

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