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nascent seed


I wanted to share the following information on the Millennium Seed Bank Project.

All human life — all life — depends on plants. Seeds hold the plant’s genetic information, so the biodiversity of our planet, as well as the sustenance of our species and others’, depends entirely on the seeds that survive from generation to generation. Since 2000, the Millennium Seed Bank Project by the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens has been working with hundreds of partners in 50 countries to provide an “insurance policy” against the extinction of plants in the wild by storing seeds for future use. In 2007, it banked its billionth seed. By 2010, they had collected seeds from 24,000 different species of plants, representing 10% of the world’s dryland wild plants. By 2020, the project will have collected 25%. The underground seed vault, if filled wall-to-wall, could hold 100,000,000,000 rice grains or 30 tightly packed double-decker buses.

In the following video Kew’s Jonathan Drori will convince you of the importance of plants, and storing/cataloging seeds.

You can help the project by adopting a seed. Like the Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaved sundew) for £25 

There are also a number of stunning coffee table books that have come out of the project. Full of beautiful photos, and lots of inspiration for artists. Seeds, time capsules of life is one of them, and I highly recommend owning a copy! 


Go beyond the gardens here:

Beyond the Gardens: The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

The following images are from SEEDS, Time Capsules of Life. 🙂

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