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hey!! i am on top of a volcano.. well, almost.
we just hiked through mega muddy sulphur springs? not sure what to call them it was soo surreal, so alien. the earth was very red and blue- blue earth!!! and there were thermal vents above ground blowing steam and pits of bubbling deep blue mud. high up on the mountain over head steam was rising from holes in the ground. just utterly mind blowing- all of it so far. i’ve sat upon whale vertabrae, touched and tasted the north atlantic, picked up petrified kelps.
further on- we are driving over and around one of Iceland’s major glaciers and volcanoes -Þrengslaborgir-Krafla central volcano (Mounts Hlíðarfjall, Jörundur, Hrafntinnuhryggur)., is where these sulphur mines, vents, etc., are on our way to an amazing waterfall -Godafoss-. anyways, now i am sitting inside of a rest area with large pools of this hot, sulphur water and further in the distance sits an ominous caldera.
last night we stayed at another hostel and as i mentioned earlier i stood under the northern light curtains… tears (i’ll post images of the curtain later).
there was this guy staying at the hostel- he has hurt his knee as he has been cycling for a month around Iceland!! yes, cycling. he’s Dutch and told me that i definitely have to visit Ghent while i’m in Holland. no questions.
i know that i am coming back to iceland, maybe to live 🙂

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