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Fire Water Air Earth Metal Wood Seed Pod

Fire: ignipoteutis caminus, accensium Water: aquatoris, iugis, utrarius, vivum Air: aerium, aerius, anima, caelum, dium, spiramentum Earth: cingulus, humus, mortalis Metal: vasculrius Wood: dryas, echo, ligneum, nemoralis Seed: semene; gemmiferum seminis, sementum Pod: siliqua siliqae


Playing, What’s in the Fridge!

Well, it’s dinner time again and I’ve been under the weather for two days now. Unable to successfully leave the house to gather food, I’m left to sorting out the Fridge and locating what’s edible, what’s an experiment, and what’s out right lethal!! Ok. I have quinoa, a flax meal chia mix, quinoa flour, coconut… Continue reading Playing, What’s in the Fridge!

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Blog-o-sphere-Think-Tank’s July topic: Favourite time of day…

This month’s topic concerns my favourite time of day. I love early mornings when it’s slightly cool out. Walking through the park, forest or by the water and hearing birds sing. Early morning bike rides down Toronto’s Rail Path, full of birds singing in the Sun rise. I really enjoyed early morning rides along the… Continue reading Blog-o-sphere-Think-Tank’s July topic: Favourite time of day…

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Artist pages July 12

http://calearth.org/building-designs/eco-dome.html I’ve built mud ovens (similar to the image shown from Kitty Cafe below), hornos, mud kiln, mud walls, straw/hay bale, etc. Truly prefer living in the Earth or tree, myself. In so many ways I wish Andrei felt the same though, Andrei is Urbanista. Sigh. Dream #2 To locate and acquire land by mountains… Continue reading Artist pages July 12

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Blast from the past!!

Whoa. I came across some old OLD work pix! These babies date back to ’91-’92! I was gradually shifting gears from predominantly ethnic/indigenous inspired work to contemporary… I suppose you could say this is when the Future Relics kicked in! 😉 I had just landed an assistant job with Mona Van Riper in Santa Fe,… Continue reading Blast from the past!!