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Blast from the past!!

Whoa. I came across some old OLD work pix!

These babies date back to ’91-’92! I was gradually shifting gears from predominantly ethnic/indigenous inspired work to contemporary… I suppose you could say this is when the Future Relics kicked in! 😉 I had just landed an assistant job with Mona Van Riper in Santa Fe, and started taking workshops with Harold O’Connor and Phil Poirier. OK. The gold fusion, hollow-forms are a dead giveaway 😉 I’d recently finished a 4 week course refresher with Melanie DeLuca too.

Really, I read Oppi Untracht’s Tome, Jewelry Concepts & Technology from front to back plus tried (attempted) every technique he covered! Wow, those were the days. HA. The image shows works made of Sterling silver, 24k gold, copper, iron, horse hair, carved bone, teeth, fossils, found items and various gem stones. Made in my Santa Fe and Vadito studios. I sold my work through galleries in Taos, Santa Fe, Ohio, California and Texas. I miss the Santa Fe Flea Market days… sometimes. The only piece I kept is the one in the upper right- gold & sterling, laced up with moonstone and golden rutile quartz, form inspired by Middle Eastern prayer container.

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