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Artist pages July 12
I’ve built mud ovens (similar to the image shown from Kitty Cafe below), hornos, mud kiln, mud walls, straw/hay bale, etc.
Truly prefer living in the Earth or tree, myself.

In so many ways I wish Andrei felt the same though, Andrei is Urbanista.
Dream #2
To locate and acquire land by mountains &/or sea/forest and slowly grow moon cocoons, Eco domes, cob/mud structures for studio-teaching-lodging and home life-living.
My largest concern now (aside from funding) is aging.
Andrei is the pragmatist and a bit of a pessimist. While I’m clearly the optimist, dreamer.
It’s essential for such a person to have financial management as two such people in a relationship can be catastrophic (thus my 2nd marriage) yet, I feel at times the pond (once a sea, then a river) is growing stagnant. Huge inspiration and many concepts, no execution.
Keep pushing. Pushing…..

I do not love Toronto.

So, I will attack the studio and clean it. This takes place at least, in mass, twice annually. Biannually 🙂
It helps, a bit, for awhile.
The journey to Iceland really brought up so much, I could easily (if $ wasn’t an issue) move myself to the Northeast around Ytra Lón (Dream #3). And live out the rest of this time making-experimenting-creating my feelings, walking the beach off the Greenland sea, dancing under the veils of Aurora Borealis.
Interestingly and oddly enough, Ytra Lón, for me, was the twin to Taos’ high desert plateau yet instead of kilometers of sage growing in every direction there’s moss. That and I’m guessing the winter and midnight sun can be brutal. Though I’ll bet highly spiritual (for lack of a better term?).

So, for now my continued like/hate of Toronto will continue. Everyday is a new day. I will smile and give it my best. The twinkle in my eye being Dream #2… & 3. 🙂


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