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Blog-o-sphere-Think-Tank’s July topic: Favourite time of day…

This month’s topic concerns my favourite time of day.

I love early mornings when it’s slightly cool out. Walking through the park, forest or by the water and hearing birds sing.
Early morning bike rides down Toronto’s Rail Path, full of birds singing in the Sun rise.

I really enjoyed early morning rides along the canals and bike paths in the Nederlands. Quiet of car traffic, and Human loudness. Just my friend cycling beside me and the birds…

Another time of day would have to be just before sunset and twilight. When light seems to wrap itself around everything in a soft pink glow. Sunset can be one of my favourite times of day as well 🙂


Hmm, I wonder what time of day my colleagues find to be their favs? Check them out below. Thanks for stopping by!

Andes cruz:
pencilfox marie:
Wendy Kelly:
Robyn Hawk:
Shannon Koochin:
Beth Cyr:
Barbara Donovan:

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