Playing, What’s in the Fridge!

Well, it’s dinner time again and I’ve been under the weather for two days now. Unable to successfully leave the house to gather food, I’m left to sorting out the Fridge and locating what’s edible, what’s an experiment, and what’s out right lethal!!

Ok. I have quinoa, a flax meal chia mix, quinoa flour, coconut oil, shelled edamame, roasted/grilled corn from last night, fresh basil and, a block of frozen spinach…date remains anonymous. Oh, and eggs. Which I haven’t been eating for some time now but, think a quiche may be in order! Andrei brought the eggs home last night 😉

Scouring the web for alternative crust ideas I came upon The Queen of Quinoa. A pretty fantastic and informative blog about, you guessed it, everything quinoa! Well almost 😉
Quinoa Queen, Alyssa loves to cook, eat and explore the world of gluten-free foods (right up my ally) and quinoa rates high on her list. All of her recipes sound amazing! I’m particularly looking at her double chocolate chip quinoa cookies, avocado and mango quinoa sushi, and honey blueberry quinoa granola bars!
Meanwhile, I’m creating a version of her, Dairy Free Quinoa pie crust. I say version because my flax meal has Chia in it and I’m using Quinoa flour because that’s what I have!

Lol! That’s my uncooked crust so far. Now it’s in the oven baking away to a nice golden brown. Then I’ll fill it. 🙂

20120726-185450.jpgThere’s an incredible Deli in Montreal that I make a point to visit whenever I’m there. La Vieille Europe, they sell a fabulous assortment of local Quebec cheeses, condiments, breads, chocolates from France, roast their own coffee, and make their own salamis and sausages. Salted Herbs add that certain, je ne sais quoi to salad dressings, omelettes, Margherita sauce, pesto, and quiche that keep people coming back for more!
So I’ve removed the corn kernels, added red chile pepper flakes, a basil brazil nut pesto, fresh garlic, the edamame, a little spinach and some of my salted herbs.


Now it’s in the oven baking away. 15 minutes to go and it should be done!

Meanwhile, it’s smelling really good!!

Here it is!


I’ll update later on how my quinoa crust turned out. Bon appetit!

2 thoughts on “Playing, What’s in the Fridge!

    1. Thanks, Alyssa!
      The whole quiche was amazing. Thank YOU for the inspiration and crust recipe! I love quinoa! Definitely trying your double chocolate chip quinoa cookie recipe next!! Cheers!

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