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GAAC Glass Couture

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2013 GAAC Conference – Beyond Boundaries: 30 Smashing Years! – 30th Anniversary conference to be held 23 – 26 May, 2013, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

la conférence GAAC 2013 – Au-delà des limites : 30 années extraordinaires! – la Conférence du 30e Anniversaire qui aura lieu du 23 au 26 mai 2013 à Calgary en Alberta au Canada

I will be taking part in the GAAC conference fashion show, Glass Couture.
For the event I’m creating three different looks (outfits, ensembles, series?) and am currently building different aspects and documenting casting temperatures and colour samples.

20120808-152810.jpg this pic shows a colour/fusing sample of Reichenbach crystal with brilliant copper blue inclusions. The concept is to recreate the look and feel of the icebergs I saw at Jökulsárlón lagoon. These icebergs break off from the Vatnajökull glacier and slowly make their way into the ocean. Some of the icebergs were crystal clear, others were white with a strange cyan blue within. Just stunning. Anyways, one of the models will wear Vatnajökull crystal shoes 🙂 so a lot of tests still need to be done!


Other aspects include a living moss skirt with floating glass ‘seaweeds’ and kelp.

The seaweed and kelp pieces and being flameworked individually. Every day I try to make at least five or more building up to a thousand or more. They are then drilled and stitched together creating a wrap or shawl-like effect.

Seriously, a ton of work ahead!


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