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Glass Couture III

Lot’s going on!!

Here are some images from the first ‘crystal’ samplings


Pulling it out of the mold….


The Jökulsárlón shoes will have mini LEDs within them, enabling the platform(s) to glow. My goal is to recreate how the actual icebergs appear on the black sand beaches below the glacial lagoon. They seem to float above the sand. Intense!


Building wax models of various shoes that will go with the glass costumes.
I purchased platforms with heels close to what I have in mind. After pulling molds from these platforms I started carving, adding and, building up the bases/platforms.

The upper portion of these platforms will either be felted Icelandic wool, that I brought back to Toronto with me, or Reindeer leather (that I also brought back from Iceland). While I’m opposed to the use of animal skin, the finished pieces will be a statement concerning the destruction of the environment, our shared environment. So, I’m still deliberating whether or not to incorporate -recycled- controversial materials into these works.
While visiting Iceland I did see Seal pelts being sold, Whale meat amongst other things. An art/craft store in downtown Reykjavik sells chicken feet ‘skins’, fish and reindeer leather… At the time I purchased the fish leather I was completely unaware that some of these fish were on the endangered list in Canada. 😦
With this in mind I’ve been designing ‘hooks’ based off of ancient Norse Whaling and fishing hooks/harpoons that will hold the felted wool and/or leather straps that will wrap around the models feet and legs.




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