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Jökulsarlón platform #1. Glass couture v

This afternoon I pulled number 1, the left shoe/platform out of it’s mold.
Totally worried that the crystals didn’t form…

Slowly, as I held my breath (wearing a respirator ;)), I gently removed the mold material from the crystal.

Finally, the platform emerged!!



Jökulsarlón {glacial lagoon} platform (left foot) #1, made for Laura Puska
Original size 5.5 cast to a size 5
Upper will be added soon.


2 thoughts on “Jökulsarlón platform #1. Glass couture v

  1. omg i want a pair – definitely “cooler” than Cinderella’s glass slippers – going to be an amazing show – I love you and will expand on life next email – I worked so hard today, that I cannot keep my eyes from slipping into dreamland – what is the dress they will go with like?

  2. Hey! 🙂 thank you and, great to see/read you here!
    The dress is made up of living moss (inspired by, Grábrókarhraun) 3,000 year old lava fields covered in moss, lichen, birch and heather. 100’s of glass seaweed-like shapes sewn together, Icelandic wool (I brought back) horse hair and, more glass plus fish leather (purchased in Reykjavik).
    Aiming to have all three costumes completed by December. I’ll keep updating my progress…. xxoo email me soon!! 🙂

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