Oryx & Crake

It’s autumn once again. Time for making savory soups, roasting root veggies, cuddling up with a good book, and snuggling with your cat…. Problem is, Andrei and I have been heartbroken for several years now since Lola’s death. I personally cannot replace a loved one with an instant ‘other’. So, our house has been empty… Continue reading Oryx & Crake

Exhibitions/Installations · Inspiration/Musings


Synopsis: Beast are performative wearable living dioramas using multiple media to anthropomorphize the environmental crisis and, expose parallels to societies treatment of women. Inspiring dialogue for change. Rationale/Impact: Life of all kinds and how we as Human beings interact with it and, respond to it has always interested me. How life is so ephemeral and transitory has made… Continue reading BEAST