Blog Carnival Monday: Why do you make jewelry?

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play, instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. – C.G. Jung

Like so many crafts people making jewelry (say) I started putting together wearable pieces at an early age. Of course I did! I was born female…. but it wasn’t something I ‘wanted’ to make a career out of. That was art, painting had to be my first love. Story boarding other world imaginings, recording music and voice overs. Animation. But I was really a science geek, loving the natural world and how things worked I strove to convey this through writing stories, sketches and painting. When I entered high school (Redwood High school) so many worlds opened up to me. Amongst these were Goldsmithing, and computers! But only by proxy. When I say, ‘computers!’ keep in mind this was 1982 so, instant gratification graphics did not enter the equation. I am referring to programming- BASIC.

Anyways, it was my love of painting that eventually turned me into a metalsmith. Painting always felt too personal an expression for me, ‘Here I am gutted, naked for everyone to see’ sort of thing. Unable to hide during exhibits- it scared the shit out of me!  Where metals; the hammering, forming, fire, quenching, sawing all felt, and was transformative, a sort of ritual. The finished painting, so to speak, was no longer leaving me bare, or feeling vulnerable as I had already exposed and taken the piece through the elements. This may seem ridiculous or even a bit existential however, I have always considered metal, in particular Silver a living organic organism. Metals form within the Earth; when do they cease to exist, or die? Through forging, forming? Are they similar to glass (in my own view) and are an amorphous solid that doesn’t ‘die’ changing into various states? Well, maybe not but I like to imagine they are.

The transformation of Myth into matter.

So, why do I make jewelry? Initially to create three dimensional paintings which over the years have grown to depict my view of this world, and other imagined worlds/organisms. I enjoy playing with the objects I create before sending them out into the world. I enjoy the moments of connectivity when someone discovers my work, loves it and simply has to take it home, wear it, hold it, carry it with them. In the past I’ve received fan mail addressed to pieces!

Shown here is, Incubus circa 1996. Incubus received fan mail/poems from Alaska, and the UK. Or letters from collectors describing their love for the object I created. People not only wear my jewelry they also have it framed, display it upon a personal altar, even wear pieces hidden, secret where only they know they are on- close to their heart.

Since my move to Toronto and working in shared studio spaces, I was forced (forced?) into production, bread and butter work. Before 2004 I never mass produced anything. Every metal creation made up to that point was completely one of a kind. And, I suppose my Etsy store has seen even more massively produced work…

Ultimately, I create small scale sculptures and do not wish people to refer to them ever as jewelry (or myself referred to as a jeweler!). With that in mind my current (paradigm shift) works in progress are heading forward (I don’t want to say, back perhaps, revisiting?) installations, immersive environments and entirely one of a kind pieces. of. jewelry. 😉                     I make, for if I did not, I would cease to exist.

Ritual adornment for the undiscovered tribe.

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