Beast, diorama #2 prototypes

Throughout the history of the sexes, women have been perceived as inferior to men, but also have been elevated to the status of goddesses on Earth. Beast suggests that these paradoxical biases often associated with women can be linked to an existential need to distance humanity from the natural world. Which brings us to Diorama #2

Finishing up some last touches on prototypes for Diorama #2, for a photo-shoot that’s taking place Saturday, December 1st.

While traveling around Iceland I found this crazy jaw bone! Fish? Most people that’ve seen the actual bone think it’s fish. But what kind? Wolf fish? It’s got some crā crā teeth!
Here it is cast in Sterling silver. Now looking at a sketch from 1911 I think I may have been holding the jaw incorrectly, and it is Wolf fish. That said, if anyone out there in the inter webs knows better, please comment below!

20121130-123255.jpg here’s an image Wikipedia has up.. No, this is not the Chest Burster from Alien, it’s one mean ass (dead) Wolf fish!

The jawbone is for a Sterling silver and glass ‘jaw-piece‘ I’m constructing for Beast. One side, (aquatic) fish: metal. The other side, mammal: glass. The other side is significant. There’s the right side and the left side. Symbolism there, right? The Right = male, Masculine energy.
Left = female, Feminine energy.
Yin & Yang. Negative/Positive. But there’s more to it than that. There’s a dark and a light (or it’s seen as such).
So, I’m using a Fox jawbone for the glass jaw. 🙂
More on that later.

Another aspect of Diorama #2 will be her claws/talons.

I decided to create the first set of ‘talons’ using pewter. While I’ve cast pewter I’ve never worked with it in sheet form. Ahh, contamination! Well, I’ve now one file dedicated to pewter. Pestering my friend and colleague, Maureen Brusa Zappellini concerning the how’s, why’s and wherefores. Thanks Maureen!!
Another: one side metal, the other side glass. Glass Claws are in the works!
Once I started forming the pewter talons I found it super addicting! I think I like working with pewter… Hmmm.

Once completed (remember, these are merely prototypes for what’s eventually to come!) I had to wear them around the studio… A la Count Orlok of Nosferatu infamy.




The image above shows the Talons minus a thumb. Thumb is now completed.


Today the Headdress (for lack of a better term) will be complete. Glass knives, and shards will be added at a later date. For now all of these components are for a photo-shoot taking place tomorrow, as I mentioned earlier.
Last Sunday my friend, Andrea Brent of Covet Originals graciously came over to nanopod: Hybrid Studio, bottle of wine and cookies in hand, to help make a bunch of Fishtail braids out of hair extensions. Fishtail braids take forever to make, OK!? Who knew?

OK. Gotta get to the studio!

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