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Etsy Metal Blog Carnival Monday. 3.12.12

Topic: If you could only read 1 magazine, what would it be and why?
Note: The topic of the month is left to your own interpretation. There is no right or wrong way to write your article. This is part of what keeps this monthly theme diverse and interesting!

OK. With that said I will tell you why I choose to read 3 magazines in a fairly consistent basis.

At least several times a year I find myself in International Presse loitering through their arts and crafts magazines, Science journals, fashion rag sections..
Sculpture, I’m interested in current new media, metal and various materials- interactions. Installations.
In the mid-90’s I use to pick up issues of Object Australia from the Downtown subscription. Sculpture magazine somewhat replaced Object (though very different) for me. However, Object is now viewable through an app. Maybe it has to do with it not being focused entirely on metal (or ‘functional’ wearables) or glass and the current ‘rock star’ of said medium…?

Glass Quarterly. My attempt of keeping up with the studio glass movement, and hopes of becoming a recognized part of this catalogue.

New Glass Review
New Glass Review is published every spring by The Corning Museum of Glass in conjunction with Neues Glas (New Glass), published by Ritterbach Verlag, Frechen, Germany, and GLASS: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly, published by UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, New York.

That’s the 3.
Currently I’ve been using Zite and created my own ultimate magazine/news paper. It’s free, and available wherever my iPad sits.

Thanks for checking in, and checking out my fav magazines.
Please take a moment and read what my Etsy Metal colleagues have to say concerning their #1 magazine (or their favs). Cheers!

1. Laura Jane Bouton
2. Beth Cyr
3. silentgoddess
4. Evelyn Markasky
5. Lou Hunter:
6. Deborah Lee Taylor:

One thought on “Etsy Metal Blog Carnival Monday. 3.12.12

  1. I am very interested in the magazines you mentioned above Tosca! I feel I am inspiration more so from sources outside of “jewelry making” mags. I will be checking out your favorites- they sound fascinating. Thanks for sharing!
    Love you work!

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