Ars Vitraria Experimentalis wknd II

Late in posting!

Here is an update of last weekend’s (January 19-20th) workshop.

Molds were cleaned, glass powders and fine frit were made into a paste (using Gum Arabic & water) and carefully placed within the molds.

20130126-120955.jpg in between layers the glass paste was dried out using a hair dryer.


20130126-121150.jpg More glass was packed and tamped/compressed down, dried….



Then the students backed their pieces using course frit.

The molds were put into the kiln, leveled and a slow ramping schedule was used to help any water left in the glass to slowly evaporate out.
I will post the schedule here once I’m back at the studio. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever witnessed Bullseye glass come out of the kiln with no di-vitrification! Woo hoo!


Once the pate de verre molds were finito, everyone started on their wax models for the Cire Perdue portion (Gaffer glass casting!!!) of the workshop!

20130126-123745.jpg (Gaffer crystal shown left to right top row: drk Red-orange, Kelp, drk Olive green, lt Emerald, lt Lime, lt Lagoon, lt Copper-blue, drk Aquamarine. 2nd row-left 2 right: Fuchsia, Pink, Lilac dichroic, Hyacinth dichroic, Purple, lt Cobalt. Not shown: Rhubarb, Black, lt Grey, Chardonnay) the lighting does not show the extreme beauty of this glass!
Kris’ waxes were pre-made from medallions she’s cast in bronze. Brian created a beautiful Fawn, images to come and Paige is keep it a secret… 🙂 we will soon see what she’s been working on at home.
I’ve been putting together several models, shown below.
First though, the glass.
Thursday, January 17th some glass fairies descended upon nanopod: Hybrid Studio with a massive Bullseye glass delivery. Zenia and Pat from Fantasy in Glass. 🙂 several hundred pounds yo!

Sadly, Fantasy in Glass is no longer carrying BE glass. 😥 however, they are carrying Uroboros! And, I just received a sample Billet pack from Uroboros so, yay! Some other Uroboros casting billets arrived- neon orchid and crystal clear. Neon orchid!!
Some of my wax models:

20130126-124656.jpgweird pink thing. This model is really all about the steel inclusions. It won’t be cast in the Gaffer instead I think I’ll try the Uroboros and see if the glass reacts with the nails. Hoping it will.

20130126-124843.jpg Siren is still being cleaned up. She will be cast in Gaffer. I imagine she will become an eventual pendant. Maybe I will cast a Platinum/Sterling setting to hold her, w/ rose-cut diamonds (I have a bunch of beautiful vintage violet colored ones) and a cabochon (sapphire or tourmaline?).


20130126-125421.jpg Then I worked on this crazy Heart-Skull thing. Demonstrating the use of Alginate for making multiples fast & easy! I’m going to cast it in black and drk red-orange.

Stay tuned for the next Glass Casting Workshop update from nanopod: Hybrid Studio showing the cast pieces and the cold-working phase.
Next Glass Casting Workshop is scheduled for March, register today! 🙂

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