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Glass Casting Workshop!


Glass Casting!

Personally, I really dig working with wax, sculpting and forming whether it’s additive or subtractive
– I dig it!
Add to that working with Gaffer casting crystal and viola! Beauty.

January was the first Ars Vitraria Experimentalis {glass casting} workshop at nanopod studio.

20130303-165048.jpgThe students made gorgeous work! [above is Kris’ Femme Liquide] and here’s her Ookpik. Cast in Rhubard dichroic- colour shifting glass.

20130303-165534.jpg OMGee Ookpik!! For you Americans out there reading this, “WTHeck is an Ookpik?! you may well ask. Here’s a video to explain it all.

And if that’s not enough! There’s even an Ookpik waltz!

oh! Here are some images of Brian’s fawns:

20130303-165702.jpg Paige created giant size -gem stones- pulling wax forms from a silicone ice cube tray purchased from Outer Layer! They’re SO cool I went out and bought one for the studio

20130303-165922.jpghere’s an image of a gem I cast using Gaffer Semillon – dichroic glass.

20130303-170146.jpg So, if you like to sculpt or want to give it a try, AND if you like/love glass then register now! 🙂
The workshop runs over 6 days and includes Bullseye glass for pate de verre (and casting), 1.5kg of Gaffer casting crystal, wax, clay, mold refractory materials, steel, brass and copper nails (if you want to add metal inclusions), a coldworking kit of: silicon carbide, diamond sandpaper, diamond bits, and cerium oxide for polishing, and tons of instruction! Annealing schedules, mold recipes and this book:

Register online with Visa, MasterCard through Paypal, over the phone or at the studio.
Glass casting workshop
Intro starts Friday, March 29 2013 6-8:30pm, then runs
Saturdays March 30, April 6 & 13 11am – 4pm, and Sundays March 31, April 7, 14 11am – 4pm
5 Student max., 3 student min.
$500pp Deposit of $200 to hold space.

Glass casting workshop (small to medium scale)
Learn the basics of glass casting. Up-cycle your wine or beer bottles into a beautiful work of art! Students will learn how to make molds of existing objects, as well as model new ones from clay and wax.
Working with beautiful crystal Gaffer Glass, soda lime -Bullseye- glass as well as recycling wine and/or beer bottles students will learn different firing and annealing schedules for casting glass.

Items made during this workshop may include: tiles, components for jewelry, small sculptural pieces, cabinet knobs, belt buckles, scientific models 😉 botanicals, etc.
Overview of glass casting methods and inspirations
Process for designing your own unique pieces
Pate de verre will be discussed and demonstrated. Pate de verre involves making a paste of glass that is applied to the surface of the mold, then fired. Bullseye glass will be used for this method.
Sculpting techniques: clay and wax
Mold making techniques: working with Alginate, open face box casting and shell with Castalot and Uroboros’ Mold Mix
Kiln preparations
Firing/Annealing of your piece
Cold working/polishing

Once objects have been cast in glass, various cold working processes will be demonstrated that can further change the form and surface of the piece. Students are encouraged to bring objects to mold, drawings, ideas, and enthusiasm. Safety issues will be discussed! Each student will receive 1 pair of safety glasses and, 1 disposable particulate respirator. Students are welcome to bring in their own half face respirators, safety glasses and aprons. All materials and, expendables are included! Or, BYOB 🙂 NO experience necessary!

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