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Phew! These past months have been mad crazy trying to complete all of the costumes, hold workshops and classes, pay rent and bills…

Fortunately I’ve had supplies like glass, beads, leather, fabric, and yarn kicking around the studio for YEaRS!
Honestly though, to whomever is out there actually reading this, the primary concern now is: how in the world am I going to get myself and all of this work to Calgary?! AND, where will I (Laura and Andrei) stay??
Andrei is creating music/sounds for the individual works and mostly feels the need to be present on a technical level….being the tech director of TIFF I suppose that’s valid.
However, it is not cheap to fly within Canada, and particularly so when you’re heading west. 😥 I am keeping it together as best I can, fingers crossed, good vibes out there and an application in to the Canada Council of the Arts towards a travel grant. If granted then flights and accommodations will be covered, partially. If not…gulp.
I also applied for Exhibition Assistance. If this comes through then the work will be able to be shipped safe and sound ahead of my travel, to Calgary. If not…gulp.
Flights from Toronto to Calgary are (right now) $554.97 rt
I was quoted a shipping price of (including crate & insurance) $385 1 way
Then of course there’s my rent, which has been increased thank you very much! And bills. Like, glass bills.

Meanwhile, here are some images of what’s been going on.

First of all- I was originally making three pieces (costumes) then decided on two; along with an installation concerning these ‘dioramas/work’. However, after considering the models, etc., etc. I am back to three costumes.

The 3rd is, Venus:Revisited
I have purchased stockings to go with this one. Once I saw these babies posted on Etsy I needed an excuse to purchase them and here they are.


The stockings are hand printed by Gal Stern. Here’s her Etsy store and the image from there… Amazing!

The stockings will be worn with this-

20130321-150330.jpghand painted silk (I painted and salted at nanopod studio!) pannier being constructed by Thomas Ogden of Thomas Ogden Designs. Also, Amazing!
The headdress/helmet will be completed this weekend.

Along with gorgeous glass (that changes colour) rings, and her seashell bra


All pieces will be and are for sale!

That’s all for now!
If you want to help the cause, sign up for a workshop or course! Thank you in advance for support, words of encouragement, chocolate …. 🙂


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