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Maison de Verre – update 16/4/13

Holy rollercoaster rides, Batman! The past couple of weeks have been NUTS!!
So, GAAC’s 2013 conference was canceled. 
At first it looked like utter fail-tragedy. My flights to Calgary, not refundable plus suddenly having to pay back a grant. It felt bleak. Out $900+ I cannot afford. Debts piling higher…..
Regardless, I have to complete the work.
Then the creative director of Maison de Verre came through! The show must go on!! That and there’s too many glass artists committed to the cause, exhibits are still taking place, etc., etc.

Exhibition Assistance isn’t going to come through so shipping all these heavy pieces I’m creating is going to be tricky. Financially speaking. Seriously hoping to fill classes for May and June, which will help immensely.
Meanwhile, here are some pics of the last pieces being completed then everything will be assembled.


Crazy platforms. Foot fetish, indeed. This one shoe weighs (in glass) over 5lbs. 🙂



The panniers were completed and shipped from San Francisco a la Thomas Ogden. Who rocks, BTW.
Here’s my pal Natasha quasi-modeling them for me.



LOL. Just wait until you see them on the actual models with the full costume on! Totes-Amaze!


The workmanship is flawless.


Counting down the seconds until I’m finished! This week will hopefully see that happen.
Fingers crossed.
Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Maison de Verre – update 16/4/13

  1. Congrats Tosca! I get a real charge seeing that black one. Reminds me of the cool shoes with rubber spikes I bought from you back in the day. Best wishes for a successful show!

    1. Thanks, Steve.
      Wow! It would be amazing and hilarious to see those spiky shoes 🙂
      Meanwhile, I’m steaming wax out of molds! Left shoe in the works. Look for nanotopia on Soundcloud!! Weee.

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