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Project Grant: update #1, June 7

It’s Friday.
I’m still coming down from all the work, and energy involved in creating BEAST though, I managed to get into the studio a couple times within the past 2 weeks. This ‘crash’ was unexpected. Full disclosure: I’ve been dosing on B12 & B6. Until I ran out, all was well.
The visit with Kiah Rainbolt (wicked last name, no?) and Laura Puska was SO needed and necessary! However, their leaving left me very aware of how starved I’ve been (and am) of like-minded connection, conversation, dialogue… Resonance. I was utterly immersed in it when I attended Penland, and Pilchuck. When I revisited Seattle for the Pilchuck PAIR that turned into a PPAIR (personal professional artist in residence) hanging out with Patricia Davidson and studying with Carla Grahn while house-sitting for Sarah Hood.
My like-minded soul sistahs live far and away.

Today the weather in Toronto is mildly reminiscent of Iceland (which I DO NOT mind) even if unusual. Anyways, thought I would update this here blog. Specifically, how the new project is coming along.
A couple weeks ago I placed a decent sized order through Bullseye Glass (with Project Grant monies). Sarah Givens was super helpful, and just all around awesome in helping and guiding me through the order and shipping process.
I’m turning one of my kilns into a Vitrigraph kiln! Which involves vermiculite board, a collar to add height, a wire shelf unit (which I’m already in possession of), a Vitrigraph pot (or terra cotta pots), and glass. Sheet glass in this instance.
The Bullseye order arrived last week,

and now I’m waiting (the suspense is killing me!!) for Arrowsprings to finish up the collar for my kiln, and ship it out. 🙂
The kiln I’m converting is Arrowsprings’ AF138 – it’s a sectional kiln.

20130607-140226.jpg the collar will make this kiln 9″ deep.

I’m starting off with a fairly monochrome palette and will be focussing on pulling murrini of concentric circles.
Kind of like these delicious, chocolate jaw breakers my friends over at SOMA make!

OK, now I’m feeling like I should either bike over to Greg’s ice cream for a roasted marshmallow scoop or SOMA, and maybe smile at Andrei until he buys us a jar of these jaw breakers (they aren’t sold individually! Boo hiss).
Thanks for stopping by! xoxoxo


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