Project Grant 2013

Yay & Fail!

In anticipation of receiving my kiln collar (to add height to my AF138) I’ve begun the necessary studio preparations for Vitrigraph to commence!

Shelving unit

*images taken with my not-so-smart phone

Next I had to cut the vermiculite board to the proper dimensions… the vermiculite board acts as the base of the kiln set-up.


Last night I biked one of the wire shelves home in order to cut an opening in the bottom of it.

Here it is being biked back to my studio a la Dutch bike happiness.

dutch bike

Once I figured out the height for the wire shelf, I placed the vermiculite board on top, with a hole 2.5″ diameter cut into it.

ÖExciting!! One more day until UPS delivers the kiln collar, and I can start testing colours, cane pulls, etc. So, I started playing with ‘glass stack’ ideas. I intend the first pulls to be patterns that will be used in constructing melethallia so, these will have red centres

glass squares

I began by cutting the 10×10 sheets of glass into squares that will fit within my Vitrigraph pot.


I remembered that years back I invested in a pair of Compact Diamond Shears!! Woo! These babies will finally see some usage!


Kiln bricks with handles- these will go into the bead door on the AF138. 🙂


Anyways, all my excitement of starting up tomorrow (Friday, June 21st) was dashed when UPS delivered the kiln collar this afternoon… Arrowsprings, for some reason sent the wrong collar!!?!?!?!!! They sent a collar measuring 18 inches by 22 inches!  Why? I have no idea.. they aren’t responding to my messages, and every time I try phoning their 800 number I get cut off 😦 SO disappointed!



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