Project Grant 2013

Extension Ring

While Toronto roasts at 30+ degrees today (& feels like 40!!) I will update this here blog!!

So, the correct Extension Ring (kiln collar) arrived!! Woot
Super excited to set up the Vitrigraph kiln and fire it up!

20130716-180142.jpg the kiln is now approximately 9 inches deep.

20130716-180254.jpghere’s a pic looking into the kiln through the bead door. The Vitrigraph pot just about bead door height.
While it is absolutely too hot to fire the kiln up today, I can’t wait to run my first test. I’ve been wondering about the Vitrigraph pot melt since this kiln’s elements run around the top sides. Will the ramp to top temp take longer? Will this effect the viscosity of the glass?
For Vitrigraph cane Bullseye recommends temperatures of 815-926 degrees (1500-1700f)
My trial run will be 1580

Meanwhile, it’s crazy hot and humid here!! Earlier today I had an asthma moment, and later the plan is to venture out into the heat and meet friends over at Indie. So, maybe I’ll have a nap….

Thanks for looking. 🙂

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