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Something has me in a bit of a fuggle (see Brain fugler). I’ve been living in a city for the past decade or so. An expensive city.
Brain Fugler attacks are frequent.

Meanwhile, I’ve been building some newish work for a gallery that’s opening next week, in Utah.
The crazy flooding weather plus, the heat wave up here really set me back… 😦
So, I’m hoping to get work to the space in time for their opening celebration!
Which, you should go to if you are any where near and reading this!! 🙂
http://pandemoniumart.com/ here are some details on the opening reception! Join their Facebook page, too!

I’m creating small worlds, 20130809-133006.jpgchunks of a planet long lost to environmental destruction. Lost wax cast crystal, borosilicate glass, lichen, sand, oil, wood, moss, and other ephemera.

I’m mixing the crystal this time, rather than solid colours. Working with greens (kelp, olive, and light lime). Blues (aquamarine, copper blue and clear). Purples (Hyacinth, lilac) and Chardonnay.
Should be interesting IF the pieces turn out as visualized!! Fingers crossed. These puppies have been in the kiln for 24 hours so far. Scheduled to come out Sunday. 🙂


I will, of course, post pics once the pieces come out of the kiln.
Cheers! Thanks for stopping by. Make sure to check out Pandemonium.

4 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOSCA hi sweetie, wishing you an awesome birthday, many blessings and creative flowers to you, love you Aunti A

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