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razzle dazzle

Beast are performative wearable living dioramas using multiple media to
anthropomorphize the environmental crisis, and expose parallels to society’s
treatment of women to inspire dialogue for change.
Through my interpretation of Icelandic mythology and landscape, I try to create
work that defines an intersection between emotions and our perception of the
environment. I utilize glass as a primary medium because of it’s ability to convey
flow, water/ice, movement, light and organic forms, is unrivalled. Quite often
people viewing my work believe the illusion; thinking I have sculpted ice, or
captured living organisms somehow within the glass.
If we can say that the world of science is synonymous with truth and the world of
art with that of fiction, I want to tread a middle ground that is unusual and
seemingly beyond belief, yet also familiar.
A cautionary tale for the future, that feels as if it is deeply rooted in the past.

Meanwhile, deadlines are looming so, I had to put this up! Hope you will watch it.. maybe comment.

Oh! Full screen + volume up!


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