Cabbage Patch Kitten, or Setja upp Gestaspjot!

Well, these past weeks have been busy! Trying to keep everything afloat, getting over the ‘cold that keeps on giving’, friends visiting from Berlin, general stress, and then finding a kitten in my garden!

OK. So, here’s the story. Wednesday around 12am I’m sitting on the living room couch reading a, Dance with Dragons when I hear someone crying. They’re really sobbing hard, and I hear them say, “…but what if it dies, I feel so bad…” At this I get up and go look out the window. I see what looks to be a twentysomething standing in the alley between my house, and a young guy on a bicycle. Bicycle boy tells the crying woman to, and I quote, “Shut the fuck up! Let’s get out of here!” She quickly walks past him.. at this point I decide I’d better go check what’s going on.  My immediate thought was that she had hit the next door neighbour’s cat with a car or something bad had happened to Kittah. When I opened my front door they were gone, and I saw no sign of Kittah anywhere.

Later when Andrei got home I told him. We were both concerned for Kittah.

The next morning I was up early (weird!) and filling the kettle to heat water for coffee when I noticed Kittah on our back fence. PHEW! She lives! I went and opened the kitchen window and said hello to Kittah. 🙂 But, as I waited for the coffee to boil I noticed Kittah was heavily focussed on something in my yard. Following her line of site I see a tiny kitten face looking out of our Viburnum bush.1383110_10153286550930117_596352014_nMy immediate reaction was to call out the window, “Where did you come from?! Aww, hello!” I grabbed some of Crake’s wet food (much to Crake’s dislike I’m sure) and slowly opened our back door, and carefully approached the kitten.

At first the kitten went to run then, must have caught a wiff of the food, and came bounding over! 🙂 She let me pet her, and that was it- we were both hooked.

Strange markings and a small M in the middle of her forehead. She purrs like a Harley, LOUD!!

I scooped her up and brought her inside.


She is not chipped, and definitely a she. 🙂 We are calling her Minx, for now anyways. She will see Dr. Atilla (the Vet) on Tuesday, and we shall go from there. I now think the girl was crying because she was dumping a kitten!!!  😦 Possibly more than 1 kitten, too. I wonder where the others are? Hope they are safe!


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